We’re not just about the lowest price (although we’ve got that covered, too). With phone service from NaTel, you can take advantage of our unique features to save you and your business time, money, and headaches.

Full listing in the White Pages

Unlike other, discount, VoIP providers, every NaTel phone line is a fully listed business-class service. This means it’s included in your local White Pages. Yellow Page listings are also available.

Keep using your existing number!

NaTel is a CRTC registered reseller - which means we fully support local number portability. You can bring your existing business or personal number with you when you sign up - and take it with you in the unlikely event you ever leave.

Enhanced 911 support

The CRTC has mandated that all VoIP providers provide at least “Basic” 911 support - which we have since day one. But since 2006, we have also provided “Extended” 911 service on all our residential lines. This means you can rest easy, knowing that in an emergency, the Police, Ambulance or Fire service will be able to find you - even if you can’t speak. (Extended 911 service is available on business lines as well, on request).

Cell phone integration

More and more business professionals are finding that their day-to-day business operations revolve around the mobile phone in their pocket. But for small- or home-based businesses, that cell phone may also be the way their children, friends and spouse are staying in touch. Using advanced telephony controls (like Time-of-day dial plans), we can help you carve out precious family time from your business life - without breaking the bank. We can also probably save you a ton of money on your cell phone long distance bill.

And tons more…

  • Digital Receptionist - “For Sales, Press One. For Customer Support…”
  • Soft phone support - Use your laptop as an office phone. Great when traveling internationally, or for voice-and-email-integrated business dealings.
  • Virtual Offices - Attach New York, Vancouver, London and Toronto phone numbers to your local Victoria phone.